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Destiny Noobie
Destiny Noobie

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PostSubject: [GM] Points   [GM] Points Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2012 4:53 am

Staff Application Format;



Job Applying for;
Game Master/Moderator


Location :
United Arab Emirates , AbuDhabi

Time Zone:

Language :
Fluent English & Arabic and little french

How Active Are You ? :
Sunday - Thursday: 7 to 12 hours
Friday : 7 to 8 Hours

About Me:
I am a hardworker and kind and i love playing gunz alot , i like trying new things and i love to party specially that our summer vaction has started i will be playing much ,its important to me to have fun and i like to have fun with people i am not the strict kind , i love to hang out with my friends and am so friendly and i am social and am loyal , i love to meet new friends , i am patient and i love helping people alot .

Do you meet all of the requirements?
Yes I Do Meet All The Requirements and more

Why should you be accepted as a staff member? What can you contribute to us?
Because i Want to help this server improve and get much players , and i Dont want to see hackers in this server i want to help stop these people who wants to destroy and stops this server i am here to help , and i am experienced in this stuff i used to play gunz since 2007 and i watch gm's i learn from them to much stuff , Am here to help this server Be Num1 And i Think i have all the requirements u need , and i dont like to be always serious and strict i will have fun with members play with me and joke with them and i will be the best and friendliest Gm You Could Ever See and i was accepted i would be creative , and i am learning how to spot shotbots and i have much ideas to make this server stronger and bigger , and i can solve problems between players and solve difficult situations and i will try my best to be unjustice , and i dont want to be a gm for the power or anything else i am here to help this server grow and its all about being paitent .

Do you have any experience with being a game moderator?
i used to have my own server and it was called SimpleGunz , & I Used to Be A Fm

I Will Assite with all my life i want to
-Stop Hackers
-Do Events Daily
-Mute Spammers
-Help New People
-And Stop Swappers
-And Moree

Closing :
Thank you for taking your time to read my application and i hope u Accept me


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This Is A Prove of me being an FM
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