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 Links dev application(sorry for last topic in staff application)

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PostSubject: Links dev application(sorry for last topic in staff application)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:40 am

Name : Cody Thompson
Age : 17 years old
Country :USA
Experience :My experience phew.

I owned a Gaming Network where i owned 4 private servers it was up for 3 years and made alot of profit with it, but i finally thought to my self i got to stop this because i dint do anything on it anymore, so i quited.

i owned:

- Maplestory
- Gunzonline
- Conquer online
- and Runescape

I developed all of them by myself, not the server files but you know what i mean.

I play gunz for 6 years now, i got 2 years of development experience

i can do::

- Photoshop
- GTK Radiant (Map making)
- Edit MRS, Edit clothes, weopons and make Quest looking better and edit alot more
- I study Webdesign i just started on my school,

IG Name : None yet
Languages : English
Motivation : I like to be creative, xpress my creativity in work, express myself in work and then look back and say phew i made that.

Yours sincerely link,

And i got 2 maps that are really good, if you want to test or see it i will pm the one that will qualify me

And if i got accepted i would like to be map developer or wep/clothes editor
If you want to discuss anything add me
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Links dev application(sorry for last topic in staff application)
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